Review: Daylighters by Rachel Caine

It’s no secret. I LOVE the Morganville Vampire series!  Not only is it excellent writing but the story, the set up, the whole crisscross of character interactions is amazing.  I just read Daylighters, the final book in the series.  I’m going to be honest with my review as always though. I wanted to read this book so very bad! I could not wait. Then when I got the book I did NOT want to open it to read it.  I mean come on, its the last book with Claire and Shane! Iv seen Claire grow so much! Iv seen Shane grow. I have even seen Myrnin, Oliver and even  Amalie evolve through out this series. And……now its going to end? Ugh. Its so bitter sweet. I finally cracked the book open and read through the first chapter. That led to the end of the book.  Yeah I read the whole thing and yeah, it was another amazing read from Rachel Caine. It was also not my favorite ending.  The story was another great one, the web that was weaved, was tangled in a great way. I felt like the web fell short towards the end though. A little rushed. It was still very  good. The characters living on in our imaginations.  I will always leave a spot for the Morganville residents at the top of my Favorites Book Series List!   I wont give a spoiler. If you have not read it, you  most certainly should. Like now. GO!